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Thomas Marcum!

-TCC Team Founder -Special Skills= Video, Research, Websites -Location= Kentucky

Bio - Around 20 years working with video, certificate in Dreamweaver, Trained Wild land Firefighter, Many years hunting and Fishing,Published Photographer & Poet.

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How can Bigfoot hide - A look at why BF is hard to find
What is Bigfoot - A look at some theories
Birth of a legend - A review of BoL
Displacement of Bigfoot - Is bigfoot being forced into new areas
Aliens help Apollo 13 - Former NASA worker tells me stuff
Warning for Bigfooters - The Dangers of snakes
Bigfoot in KY - Past to Present look at BF in KY
Bigfoot in TN - Past to Present look at BF in TN with interviews
Rene Dahinden - A look at researcher Rene Dahinden
Sounds of Hell - A look at the Famous Sounds of Hell
New Hope for DNA Paper - A look at the Bigfoot DNA paper
Bigfoot indigenous people - Could bigfoot be considered indigenous
Low flying UFO - Personal UFO sighting
Tent Video Details - First Details revealed about the Tent Video
Witness Interview - Witness interview about bigfoot sighting
Hunt for giants - Does or did giants roam the land
Paul Freeman - Has Paul Freeman finally been vindicated
Ghost on Hwy 119 - Personal encounter with a ghost
Pick the Right Camera - Tips for picking a good camera

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