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Dorraine Fisher!

-TCC Team Member -Special Skills= Professional Writer, Research, Interviews -Location= Illinois

Bio - Freelance writer,nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

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Alien Worms - Yikes! Worms!
Hold The Camera Still - Why are there so many Blurry Photos?
DNA Sister Species - New species compared to Ketchum's DNA study
Paradox od Bigfoot - Neanderthals and Bigfoot
Battle L.A. - 1942 UFO in L.A.
Naked Mermaids - Exploring the aquatic ape theory.
Face to face with BF - Researcher tells of face to face encounter
Sasquatch in Siskiyous - Interview with Kevin Jones
I just saw BF - Do's & Don'ts of a sighting
Feral Hogs - Feral hogs pose a real danger
Friends in the backyard - Interview with Robin Lynne
Bigfoot Happy Place - Life after the bigfoot DNA paper
Patty wasn't alone - Was there more BFs with Patty
Patterson Footage - More evidence that Patty was not alone
Paul Freeman - A look back at Paul Freemen
Star Child - The Star Child DNA report
Instincts of Sasquatch - A look at Instincts
Eyes of Sasquatch - sasquatch eye shine.
Yeti Sighting - Increase of yeti sightings
Hoaxing Craze - Hoaxing is on the rise
Shaken by Bigfoot - A bigfoot encounter in North Carolina.
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