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Dorraine Fisher!

-TCC Team Member -Special Skills= Professional Writer, Research, Interviews -Location= Illinois

Bio - Freelance writer,nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

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Is Sasquatch Super Human - A deeper look at sasquatch
Should Bigfoot have Human Rights - Let the debate start
Does Bigfoot Watch TV - Read the article to find out
Relax after Dr. ketchum - We have an answer now
Bigoot: New Address to Skeptics - Skeptics
Bigfoot/Bear Paradox - There seems to be a Paradox in IL
Humans Shaped evolution of BF - What part have humans played in BF
Do Squatch Need Wilderness - How much space do they need
If Sasquatch are smart - Just how smart is BF
Afraid to go camping - Should we be afraid to be in the woods
Bumps in the Night - A personal encounter with the unknown
Do animals think - A deeper look into the minds of animals
Mayan Prophecy - Was you worried
To Believe or Not - Ghost, UFOs, Bigfoot
Strange lights in the sky - Lots of odd lights in the sky
Mark Twain & Bigfoot - What would Mark Twain think about BF
Surrounded by Movement - Bigfoot in Texas
Did I just see what I think I saw - Did you see it
Hikers Beware - Danger in the woods - Meth Labs
Legend of Piasa - Thunderbirds in IL
Mongolian Death Worm - A deeper look
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