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Articles From Bobby & Corinna!

Bobby & Corinna Long!

-TCC Team Members -Special Skills= Research & Investigation -Location= Oregon

Bio - Bobby & Corinna are Avid fishermen and outdoorsmen, both have years of camping experience and have many years researching bigfoot.

Extra - Corinna takes most of the pictures while her and Bobby are out in the field. Bobby & Corinna have contributed many field reports and follow ups which are not listed below.

Links To Bobby & Corinna
Bobby Facebook
Corinna Facebook

Check out Bobby & Corinna's Post.
Trackway investigation - B & C investigation a Trackway.
Oregon Bigfoot Encounter - Personal Encounter from Bobby.
Oregon Bigfoot Sighting - Personal sighting from B & C.
Field Work - B & C. doing some research.
Bigfoot Track - B & C. Find Possible Bigfoot track.
Bigfoot Track Report - B & C. Take Track Report with photo.
Report: Howls & Knocks - B & C. Take Report of Knocks & Howls.
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