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TCC Stats!

This is just a page to keep track of The Crypto Crew's footprint and accomplishments in the world! This will be updated from time to time.

Check out TCC's growing footprint and accomplishments in the world.

Youtube Channel(Now Deleted) - Almost 5 Million views, over 300 videos, over 1,200 subscribers.
NEW YT Channel - over 213,439 views, over 250 videos, 609 subscribers and growing.
NEW YT Channel 2 - over 315,104 views, over 90 videos, 1842 subscribers and growing.
TCC FB Page - 4,866+ likes, over 1,400 photos, 100 videos.
TCC Blog - 1084 post and growing, over 1,998 comments.
TCC Twitter - 1,481 tweets, 695 followers.
TCC Tumblr - 415 Post, 206 followers.
BTR The Crypto Show - Over 547 Listens, Only 14 Followers, only 5 Shows.
(More Coming Soon)


- Bigfoot Team of the Year - 2013 Paranormal Awards
- Bigfoot Researcher of the Year - 2013 Paranormal Awards
- Bigfoot Photo of the Year - 2013 Paranormal Awards

(List Of Companies and Shows we have communicated with)
Animal Planet, Travel Channel, The SyFy Channel, America's Oddities, True TV, MTV, History Channel, Finding Bigfoot, Fact or Faked, Monumental Mysteries, Leftfield Pictures, National Geographic Channel, The Science Channel, SPPR Inc, and many others.
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If you have questions or would like to report a bigfoot, UFO, Ghost or something else strange, then feel free to contact us via the Contact link or Report a sighting link.


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